Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversations with Frogs

A wonderful, early surprise presented itself this evening: The spring peepers began to truly sing for the first time this year just as I arrived home. In their excitement, the boys had convinced their mother to leave the front door open so they could hear the tinkling, amphibian music inside. Those apples didn't fall very far from the tree!

Although we still may be in for more winter weather later during the week, this briefest glimmer of spring has lifted my spirits greatly. When it is still cool at night, the first peepers start out very hesitantly but it doesn't take long for more and more to join in until the night sounds almost bowl you over with their intensity.

Occasionally I can get the whole group going myself during a quiet spell by whistling out a poor imitation of their tune. It is an awesome feeling to be the 'lead frog' in a choral swell! Although this has been a wonderful winter, I cannot help but anticipate the adventures that await me when the warmer weather returns. Now, if I can only get the Pickerel Frogs going I'll be in business!


Heather said...

Clay, that is wonderful. I think it will be several more weeks, at least, before the peepers start singing here in Ohio, but I heard a report from another blogger in the Carolinas about peepers singing, too. I think it's great that your boys were so excited about the singing. I eagerly anticipate all the wonderful signs of the spring awakening.

clay bolt said...

Hello Heather,

Even with the threat of more snow tomorrow, they are still going strong this evening. There is always a point each year where, regardless of the weather, they refuse to stop for longer than a day or so. I hope this is this is the case for this year's season! Sending spring your way!