Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Twitter: AKA Digital Crack

If you regularly visit this humble blog you may have noticed that I've now added a Twitter Feed to the right column. That's where you can go to follow along with all the fun! After resisting the urge to join up for quite a while, I've found that I really like Twittering –perhaps a little too much.

I find that Twitter is a much better networking tool than Facebook. I quickly grew bored with FB and have now sufficiently spied on all of the people that I went to school anyway. C'mon, like you don't do the same thing. Don't judge me!!! As suspected, my classmates haven't changed all that much anyway, with the exception of hairlines and waistbands that is. Anyone want to hang out at the 7-11 and listen to the Cure?

I intend to use my Natural Imagery Twitter Feed to post cool things that I find on-line like this and this. Occasionally, I'll also update what I'm up to but if you're like me, you'd probably prefer to just skip that and download cool stuff like this free HDR software from FDR Tools.

So, why not support my latest habit and follow-my Twitter Feed? Pretty Please???


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