Sunday, May 30, 2010


As my children grow older, and their interest in nature grows as well, I've tried to find ways to get them involved with my work as much as possible. For a while now, I have thought that it would be fun to work with my oldest son Adam to document all of the species that live on and around a massive old tulip poplar in the woods behind our home. After a brief rain shower, I took a walk out to have a look at the tree only to discover the most amazing looking box turtle that I'd ever seen. Then(!) it occurred to me that I'd actually seen the old male before.
Three years ago, I photographed the same turtle with Adam, my son who will be working on the project with me. To find the old battered male –who I estimate to be around 15-16 years old– looking better than ever was a great surprise and a fantastic way to kick off our project considering our shared history!


Ted C. MacRae said...

That's amazing to find the same turtle 3 years apart. I suppose you've looked at all the details of its pattern and can't find any differences?

Philip said...

it is amazing you found the same turtle after 3 years must be a sign of things to come :)

clay said...

Hi Ted,
Hope you're doing well. I have compared all of the markings, and this one has a distinctive pattern of markings from a predator(?) attack on its shell. Short of a DNA test, I'm fairly certainly, he is my man. I keep a record of all of the turtles on our property and vicinity just for times like this. Was quite a thrill!

Thanks Phillip. I certainly hope so! :)