Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breaking the Cubes that Bind

Spring brings many things: flowers; bird song; and my favorite t-shirt, which has been resurrected from the depths of my closet! I was so excited to show it to you, that I didn't even bother ironing.

I have spent way too much time behind the computer lately and I'm so happy to be getting back out into the woods and actually making some photos for a change. I was talking to a friend about this other day, and we were (half) laughing about how much time photographers actually have to spend staring into the vortex of a computer screen. It almost gets to the point where calling one's self a photographer becomes a bit of a stretch.

Well, for now, I intend on doing carrying on the moniker. I've got heaps to do before the winter returns and Mr. Jobs' shackles drag me back down into the abyss.


Heather said...

That's a great shirt, Clay! As spring starts to really come on, I know I will be at odds with my desk job, wishing I could be playing outside instead. =sigh=

Enjoy the outdoors!

Clay said...

Thanks Heather! BTW, I had intended to comment on your recent blog post on books. I love am reading Summer World right now and loved his book The Snoring Bird. I would highly recommend it.

I also just finished the Bill McKibben Reader which was also excellent.

Hope you can get out soon!