Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Supporting Grassroots Conservation

Many of you who regularly visit this blog are probably aware that I'm very involved with conservation efforts here in South Carolina. One project that I'm working through at the moment is a privately funded book that will highlight land that has been protected through the South Carolina Conservation Bank. The conservation bank concept is a novel idea that was founded here in the Palmetto State; an idea that is reportedly being emulated elsewhere across the nation.

The image above is of a beautiful spartina marsh that I photographed last weekend on Edisto Island near Charleston, SC. This site was once a part of a shrimp farm but thanks to funding, in part at least, from the SCCB and the Edisto Island Open Land Trust, it will now be protected forever. Within the brief time that I spent at the property, I saw several amazing species such as the painted bunting and wood stork along with many species of invertebrates and plants.

Many of us who have a passion for conservation, and a desire to make a difference in our world often dream of heading off to a distant shore to do this type of work. However, in many cases, your best opportunity to really do something important for conservation lies just miles from you own front door.

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