Monday, April 27, 2009

Small in the Frame

In recent months, I have become really intrigued by images which feature wildlife that has been positioned 'small in the frame.' Coupled with a shallow depth of field, I find that this approach often makes for interesting imagery with a very zen-like vibe. While I am certainly a fan of extreme macro close-ups (check-out some of the cool stuff that Alex Wild is posting over at Photo-Synthesis right now), I also enjoy stepping back and just letting the subject breathe from time-to-time. When all of the pieces meld together, the final result can often be at once, bold, subtle and poetic.


Adrian Thysse said...

I am a fan of Alex Wild as well, but it is great to see little guys well placed in their natural environment.

nancy said...

very nice! did i mention already that i'm a fan:)
also, i've entered the world of SLR's. i just purchased a nikon D40 w/ 2 lenses. i can zoom up to 200mm. i'm having much fun already and i don't even know how to use my camera. (i can't remember if i already commented on this, so if it's a repeat, please forgive)

clay bolt said...

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for stopping by. Glad that you liked the photo! I need to add your link to my blog-list.

Hey Nancy,
Really good to hear from you. Hope everyone is doing well. I would love to see of you new photos sometime. Shooting anything in particular?

nancy said...

the kids, nature out my back door and just daily life right now. it's all on the blog.

Les said...

That picture has a appeal quite different from how it would 'normally' be shot like. I like it and will try it. I like how you positioned the subject off centre too.