Monday, January 12, 2009

Eastatoe Trip Follow-Up

As promised, here are a few more images from my Eastatoe Gorge trip. I look forward to going back in the spring when the wildflowers will be blooming in profusion and the critters will be again.

One of my favorite finds was this fairly old poplar just riddled with sapsucker wells from years past. It was completely scarred from root to canopy on one site with pock-marks.

This trip was also all about the vines and climbers, which seemed to be clinging to every surface.

I brought along my good friend and fellow photographer Alex Garcia as a witness just in case I fell to my death down the slippery slopes of the gorge!

In the end, it was a really nice scouting trip and I can't wait to explore it more in the near future.



Mama said...
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Zhakee said...

It always amazes me how vines cling to trees and find a way to gain height. Just how high did those vines climb?

clay bolt said...


The height of the vines varied and the ones featured here were only just beginning to climb so they were quite small. Thanks for visiting.