Monday, September 29, 2008

Mystery Beetle in Upstate South Carolina

This weekend I found a beetle that I haven't been able to identify, nor have I ever seen it before. Of course, this isn't saying much on both accounts. I'm hoping that someone out there can help me to i.d. this beautiful specimen. My first guess is that it is a member of the scarab family but I could be totally wrong. It was about 1" long and was in some leaf litter near a yellow jacket nest (most likely coincidental but you never know).

I'll be passing this link to Ted over at 'Beetles in the Bush' and put him to the test. Hopefully, he'll be able to tell me more about it.



Anonymous said...

It’s interesting

Beetles In The Bush said...

Clay -- yes, that is a type of scarab beetle, specifically the "rainbow scarab" (Phanaeus vindex). Dung feeders as larvae - individuals are classified as "major" or "minor" depending on the size of the horn. Yours is definitely a MAJOR.
regards -- ted

SS said...

Is the photo the beetle in question? Have you tried ??

SS said...

Ohhh, I didn't read Ted's comment. N/M, You don't need me :D

clay bolt said...

Thanks to you all for your help. This one had me stumped. Although, as I told Ted, the name certainly is appropriate isn't it?